20 August 2007

My Preferred Genealogy Software

The Master Genealogist by Wholly Genes Software has been the preferred software for my genealogy for several years. Initially, I liked the way the software recorded Sources, treated Citation details, and the use of a Surety Level to rate the quality of information from each source.

14 August 2007

John Balch - Vermont

John Balch Family

Chester, Windsor County, Vermont

1810 Census

Further notes on John Balch and family:

John Balch, b. Francetown, NH, 1 Oct., 1782, son of Israel & Hannah (Kimball) Balch
Lydia Reed, b. , dau. of
They were m. in Chester, Vt., 12 May, 1803.

Children (born Chester):
1. John Balch, b. 28 Dec., 1803
2. Achsah Philena, b. Chester, 24 Aug., 1804
3. Clark Balch, b. Chester 29 May, 1807
4. Joanna Balch, b. Chester, 1 June, 1809

Notes following Census date:

5. Varion, b. 1811 * (see)
6. Daniel, b. - 1813.
7. Maranda P., b. Chester, 3 Oct., 1824
8. Lydia, b. - 1826. She m. Chester, 15 Aug., 1833, Royal Walters of Sandgate, Vt.
9. Adeline, b. 1828 . She m. Edward Whiting
10. Louisa, b. 1830. She m. Richard Stevens
11. Sarah, b. 1832. She m. Thomas Murray

John Balch d. of 'dropsy' in Chester, Vt., 17 Nov., 1837 (age 55)


Note: I am interested in tracing Daniel Balch. He appears in Chestertown, NY in 1865, West Granville, NY in 1870 and Whitehall, NY in 1880. Daniel d. 1887.

Is anyone interested in exchanging information on this family?

06 August 2007

Background note – Early Balch Immigrants

The earliest recorded Balches in America date to the seventeenth century when three Balches arrived in America are three different time periods. John Balch came to America in 1623 and settled in Massachusetts; another Balch family member established himself in the colony of Virginia; and the third Balch, also named John, left Somerset England for Maryland in 1658.


24 July 2007

My Balch Lineage

My immigrant ancester was John Balch of Somerset, England who settled at Beverly Mass., I am an eleventh generation descendent of John Balch. I have been researching family lines for twenty years and have accumulated a considerable amount of valuable material. There are however, some key facts that have alluded me for years and I have created this blog in hopes that someone in the New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York area may be able to fill in these facts and be interested in exchanging information.

The following lineage has been taken from the Balch book:

Galusha B. Balch, M. D.; GENEALOGY of the BALCH FAMILIES in AMERICA; Putman, Salem Massacheusetts, 1897.

Gen# 1. John Balch, (1), page (1)
2. Benjamin Balch, (2), page (9)
7. John Balch, (3), page 11
40. Israel Balch, (4), page 16
103. Joshua Balch, (5), page 48
187. Israel Balch, (6), page 72
394. John Balch (7), page 135
811. Daniel Balch, (8), page 248
1597. Walter H. Balch, (9), indicated but no details included
Walter S. Balch, (10), not included
Stanley W. Balch, (11), not included